Social Security Benefits

When it comes to retirement, one of the most important decisions we make is when to take Social Security benefits. There are 567 ways to take these benefits and many need expert advice to maximize their benefits and their spousal benefits to get the full income to which they are entitled.

It’s amazing how complicated social security decisions can be. At Beverly Drive Financial, we help our clients make wise choices, so that you will have enough income to do the things you want in life. We want to be sure that Social Security is the safety net it is intended to be for seniors. We will discuss strategies that guarantee benefits will be there for you. Timing is crucial in determining what you will receive. We know how you can maximize this amount and how to coordinate with your spouse to fully realize the benefits to which you are both entitled to. Many couples miss out on tens of thousands of dollars. Plus, you might not know the special rules for widows and divorcees. We will update you on your status and integrate your benefits with your other investment income to complete your retirement portfolio.

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